Product Range Optimization

The Advantages of a Professional Product Range Optimization: Streamline the Product Range, Optimize the Supply Chain

At many production companies, the product range offers substantial untapped potential to reduce costs and improve efficiency. This applies to products with low and fluctuating sales quantities in particular, e.g. replacement parts, assembly units and components at the end of the life cycle (keyword: obsolescence), as well as small and very-small series during production start and production ramp-up phases. However, the day-to-day running of a business normally means that there isn’t enough time to audit the product range to take advantage of this latent potential.

This is where the experts at ANTARES LCS can set to work to give you the solutions you need and support you while you implement them.

Infografik Möglichkeiten und Vorteile der Sortimentsoptimierung in produzierenden Unternehmen

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Process chart product range optimization

Consulting regarding Product Range Management

From the first quick-check of your product range, to detailed analysis to identify optimization potential, through to providing practical support during implementation: ANTARES LCS will be your competent partner. Based on our many years of experience in the industry, combined with our solid know-how with regards to product development and product range strategy, we will be able to support you with whatever you need.


  • Quick analysis (“quick-check”) of the product portfolio based on simple customer data
  • Interviews with all relevant contact persons (Executive Management, Sales, Production, Logistics, Purchasing, Controlling, and Product Management)

Results: First investigation into potential, a specific proposal including an estimate of costs, project timeframe and required resources

Product Range Analysis

  • Detailed analysis of the product range based on criteria such as turnover, sales, operational results, frequency, etc.
  • Presentation of costs by comparing the current overhead calculations with causal-based, process-specific calculations

Results: Specific identification of potential, proposal for implementation (internal perspective, external perspective)

Implementation Support

  • Obsolesce management (internal and external)
  • Contract review, customer agreements, price adjustments
  • Optimization of procurement, including identification of potential for 3D printing
  • Establishment of sustainable processes and responsibilities for product range management upon a regular basis

Results: Leaner processes, realization of savings potential

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