Philipp Lenz: “Almost every part becomes interesting for Reman”.

Spare parts supply has become a challenging undertaking, especially for companies serving a global market, in times of supply chain disruptions. What lessons aftersales managers can learn from the crisis was presented at the 8th Spare Parts Conference (ETT) in Hörsching near Linz. Jens Hähn and Arian Shahrabi participated from ANTARES Life Cycle Solutions as sponsor on this seminar.

PHILIPP LENZ, a member of the Executive Board / BU Lead Reman from Liebherr Group spoke about RELIABLE DELIVERY WITH THE HELP OF REMANUFACTURING.

Since the beginning of the Remanufacturing program in the Group almost 20 years ago, it has been significantly developed and infrastructurally expanded in key markets. Not least in the context of the current crises (energy, inflation, availability/scarcity issues and the disruption of logistics chains), a robust Remanufacturing program has proven to be a guarantee of success. Both the economic and environmental benefits (up to 50% reduction of CO,) as well as the security of supply are important factors that are highly appreciated by customers.